Gerald Henry Wearing his GH55 Brand
Available at: GH55.COM
Photographed by Garry Wade, Paradise Island, Bahamas
This Photo is an Homage to George Michael
To his lyrics, his life, his love and his pain
Celebrate this life and this love
Apparel By Gerald Henry | Available at
Somewhere along their path, most designers end up becoming involved with apparel and many end up developing their own labels. Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, etc — their labels reflect their celebration of this life and this love. Collaborating with my life-long design partner, Steve Dunlop, we have designed two ranges of apparel—”GH55” and “Love.” “GH55” marks my unique identity in the scheme of things and

“LOVE” marks my life quest. Each range is available exclusively at GH55.COM. All the profits from the sale of GH55 and Love apparel and books are donated to either or to Every cent of these profits is used to fund programs to help those individuals amongst us who are dispossessed by society.

GH55 Love Apparel
Available exclusively at
GH55 Apparel
Available exclusively at