Gerald Henry on West Hill Street
Photographed by Garry Wade
Nassau, Bahamas
My Dream—To Live as a Philanthropist of the Heart
The poet’s dream is to share his dreams with the people of the land
To write of love and life and laughter so all go hand in hand
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As a member of a global design team that has been
working together for over 30 years, I have had the
privilege of capturing my journey in poetry in beauti-
fully designed papers and books. For quite a while, I
was racked with doubts as to whether I was worthy
enough to share my thoughts. Then, I had these
thoughts that freed me from such doubts:

Just because someone has already said it
One way—It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it
Again—another way—or your way.
If the way you say it helps just one other person
Then surely it should be said.

Just because you can’t say it in a grand way
It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it.
Sometimes the simplest way
Turns out to be the grandest way of all.

The profits from the sale of my books and apparel
are donated to either or to to help those individuals who are
dispossessed by society.

An Immigrant Poet’s Revelry
In the American Dream

As an immigrant who believes fully in the
freedom philosophy, I have written this
book and these poems to try and play a
small part in the process of freedom by
helping Americans to see that which
seems so often taken for granted. Each
poem was written to capture a special moment as I experienced it. Today, my
thoughts are that I love this wonderful
country and all its celebrations of freedom.
I hope that my poems will let you see
these special moments as I saw them for
the first time and that they rekindle your
own belief in...Living the American Dream.

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The Journey of Gerald Henry

The question is often asked; What would
you do if you had 24 hours left to live?

Portraits of A Life is my answer to that

If I had 24 hours left to live, the love expressed in this deeply personal book is what I would want to share with my loved ones. It presents a series of self-portraits (including both prose and poems).

Through this process, I have been fortunate
to access a deeper part of Self.

I am thankful for this opportunity to be
able to share them with you.

The book is a companion piece to this
website and was inspired by a 24 hour
burst of creativity on Easter Sunday, April
8, 2012.

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The Love Poetry of Gerald Henry

This book is filled with love poems loved ones can share with each other to ease the pain of separation and to create a sense of oneness and togetherness, even though physically apart.

For My Love

With a deep breath, I pray...

I pray that not only will our love endure
I pray that it will glow and grow
As strong as the noon day sun
Beating upon my back

I pray that it will remain as clear and pure
As the vast blue sky which envelops me

I pray that it will remain as free
As the breeze that my thoughts
Of love for you are floating upon

And most of all—I pray...
That it will glow and grow
And remain everlasting

Like the green grass and sustaining earth
Upon which I sit and sing this song of love
To you—My Love...

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The Source of Your Soul

The heart beats
The lung breathes
The body eats
The baby teethes

The leg walks
The skin feels
The mouth talks
The body heals

The eye blinks
The blood flows
The mind thinks
The knower knows

The bird sings
The lion roars
The monkey swings
The eagle soars

The wind blows
The sun burns
The plant grows
The planet turns

Water dissolves rocks
Waves wash on the shore
Time ticks on clocks
For now and ever more

These all are effects
But what is their cause?
Answer this question
And open the doors

To the font of your thinking
To the seed of the whole
To the cradle of existence
And the source of your soul

— Gerald Henry
Mayfair, London, October 8, 2006