Gerald Henry Holding Sassoferatto's—Virgin in Prayer
From the Masters of Life Collection—
Photographed by Garry Wade in his studio, Paradise Island, Bahamas
What You Say About Others
Tells more about you
Than you tell about them
We Are All Connected | Links I Would Like To Share

I have traveled internationally since 1973 and have been fortunate enough to have lived and worked globally since 1988. One thing that has come from such extensive travel is the appreciation of the Oneness of the family of man and also just how much the internet has removed the “Illusion of Separation.” With incredible applications such as Skype, gotomeeting, Dropbox, Evernote,, Google, Facebook—and with equipment like Macs, iphones and ipads (and the fantastic apps that come with them), it is perfectly possible to build a global enterprise with global partners that you have never physically met and with partners that you meet only once every few years. No matter how much I use applications such as video conferencing and desktop sharing, I marvel at the world they create where we live as virtual human beings yet create incredible global realities and results. The way the internet links us has (without question in my experience) played an unmatched role in creating global unity consciousness and the demand for the physical, social and political freedom that goes hand-inhand with such awareness. I feel fortunate to be alive to experience and be part of this transformation that continues to sweep around the world, gathering momentum, year upon year. The following is an extract from my current book project “Voices from the Valley” and speaks directly to the reality of the Oneness.



Many can concede the Force that fuels the earth. But few can conceive the Force that fuels themselves. Your body is earth and the earth is your body. We forget the alchemy of chewing, transmuting the fruits of the earth into our eyes and ears and brains and brawn. No wonder people say “you’re the apple of my eye!” The apple is the eye.

What is the human body but the earth in different form? 75 trillion cells walking around on 206 bones in perfect harmony; laughing, crying, singing, sighing. The earth alive! The earth alive! The ultimate metamorphosis. The earth transformed into a living, breathing human body. The earth seeing. The earth hearing. The earth smelling. The earth touching. The earth tasting. The earth running around in happiness as a body upon its own surface experiencing itself.

What is this wonderful stupendous, infinitely creative Force that creates and sustains this wonder of wonders—the earth alive? The earth as a human body? It is not an accident of atoms or the evolution of aeons. Quite simply, it is the Force of Forces, the Cause of Causes, the Creator of all effects. know this Force to be God.

We forget our bodies are the earth. We forget the Force that drives the earth must therefore be driving us. We forget that the Force that drives the earth is the earth. We forget that the Force that drives us—is us.

We delude ourselves that the same Force that drives the earth does not drive us. We delude ourselves that we are separate when it is from this very earth our bodies come from. When it is this very earth that sustains our bodies, and when it is to this very earth our bodies will return.

All life is fueled, all life is driven, all life is life
—because of the kiss of God

What is God? God is the fuel of life, God is the drive of life
God is the kiss of life, for all that lives and dies

The ant scurries of his way
The duck flies south
The salmon swims to the sea
100 million monarch butterflies migrate
The beaver builds a dam
The snake sheds it skin
The platypus lays an egg
The tadpole turns into a frog
The caterpillar turns into a butterfly
The egg turns into a chicken
The acorn turns into an oak tree
The blade of grass reaches for the sun
The flower bursts into bloom
The sun rises and falls
The moon waxes and wanes
The seasons come and go
Hearts beat and feel love
Lungs breathe and give life
Blood flows and refreshes
Cells continuously renew
With perfection
With atomic time precision
With absolute certainty
With beauty to behold

Life fueled, life driven
Just life, all life
And the kiss of God

There is an illusion that distorts all realities. This illusion is responsible for all suffering. This is the illusion of separateness. It is this illusion we must overcome. The antidote is to look at life through the eyes of love. Then you see only the One.